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eye inflammation

So, this post is totally about myself and my experience of an eye inflammation. In Korea, the eye inflammation was spreading around in the past, about 2 or 3 years ago. However, it has come back and I got the disgusting and painful eye inflammation. Well, all you reader may think that this eye “inflammation” is nothing. BUT, it is totally something. I did a little research for you guys about this eye inflammation. The eye inflammation is extremely contagious and is mostly caught by people between their 20s and 40s. When you have gotten this eye inflammation your eye becomes extremely red, swells up a lot, feels hot and is really painful. The least amount of time this takes to heal is about 1 weak, however because of the inflammation it would be better to be careful for about 3 to 4 weeks. Because this inflammation is extremely contagious it would be better if you would not be near anyone who does not have it. Well, due to this eye inflammation I have been stuck at home from Wednesday! The only place I went outside was the hospital, to check my eyes. I would inform you readers to be extremely careful and to always wash your hands and do not rub your eyes!

This is for you readers who want to see with your eyes how this eye inflammation LOOKS like:

This was the 2nd-3rd day

This was the 3rd day

This was the 4th-5th day

September 27, 2010 The 5th day of my eye inflammation


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Everyone has a friend who is so-called “best friend”. Referring to Wikipedia the definition of Best Friend is someone (singular) with whom one shares the strongest possible kind of friendships. My best friend has been my friend from 7th grade but has been my best best best friend from 8th grade. I have 3 best friends including Claire, however all three of them had decided to move to America. I am the only one stuck in my motherland, Korea. But among those three friends I feel more connected to Claire because we really had difficult situations which we went through together. Well, let me explain you guys more about Claire, she really smart and a totally fashionable. Her dream is to become a doctor, so I pray for her everyday that her dream will come true. But, the single reason I truly trust her as my best friend is because she is always honest with me, she never lies. Even though she is in California right now, I am going to see her during the summer break so until then I’ll keep contact with her. OH! also she does tumblr, she writes almost twice a week and her post are so honest and adorable! PS. People reading this post may think I’m like a lesbian but please don’t misunderstand I just really my best friend because nobody can replace my best friends.

This is Claire’s tumblr and her self-picture

September 25, 2010 My Second post, I’m going to keep my promise!

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