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On Tuesday August 9th, KIS held try-outs for 2011-2012 Varsity and Junior Varsity Volleyball teams in the Phoenix Gym. A total of thirty five students tried out to be on the team. Fifteen of them were students coming back, and twenty new comers.

In the beginning of try-outs Coach Day expressed his excitement for the volleyball try-outs.

“I’m really thrilled to see you girls try-out, we are not going to judge anyone so I hope you guys play volleyball while having fun.”

Students also expressed their enthusiasm and nervousness for the try-outs.

“It was really good to be back on the team” said Junior Hyuen Jin Jin, “I will look forward to the new season. No matter what team I get in, I will enjoy playing volleyball.”

Hyuen Jin, who was on the Junior Varsity team expressed how thrilled she to be back on the team. Next, a freshmen expressed her nervousness to be playing with the other grade.

“Tryouts were really fun, I learned a lot of new stuff from the Juniors and Seniors” said freshmen Tisha Kwon. “In middle school it was just playing games, but now we have positions and are able to try new skills which is interesting.”

The try-outs lasted for four days. Coach Day, Coach Suk, and Coach Wolfe tried their best to see the athletic talents from all these students. They also helped the student try out new positions and skills.

Each and every year, the number of students trying out for volleyball and other sports increases. The expansion of these students make it more difficult for the coaches to cut down the Varsity and Junior Varsity to only twelve students. So, the number of students in the team expand every year.

On the last day of Try-outs, the coaches gave the team two important expectations. First, to always have fun and have a positive attitude while playing volleyball. Second, to never miss practice. All the girls are expecting to have a great season.


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Finally, A Post

Wow, it has been such a long long long time since my last post which was has been almost 4 months! Anyways many things have happened since my last post. Summer break, Sat studies, becoming a Junior, starting my junior year, getting into varsity volleyball, and more than I can not even list. Anyways, this post is just an update for my readers (if i have any….) letting you know that I will be updating more things more and more often!My hope is to update at least one post a day…if possible 🙂

September 24, 2010 My first post since my sophomore year

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Recently, I was surfing through the internet and found a page with different types and styles of Jeans. I was extremely shocked, the first word that came our of my mouth was WOW, seriously. So I will show all the different jeans.

First, Smoky Skinny Jeans. These match with bright color t-shirts and are mostly worn for casual clothes.

Second, Grey Skinny Jeans. These are good for half formal and casual clothes.

Third, Black Washing Jeans. These are really unique jeans with white washing entered.Good with mostly anything and heels!

Fourth, Stone Washed Jeans. Popping jeans matching with sneakers and heals.

Fifth, Vintage Pebble Blue Jeans. These are just nothing to say, seriously everyone wears them.

Lastly, one of my favorite jeans, Water Flower funky Jeans. These are really unique and it would just attract everyone’s attention.

Hey! these photos and actual jeans are from CANDYPOP from a internet shopping mall named 11 street.

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When I was young, I thought that Milk and Yogurt were the same thing because they were both from a Cow and also they are both diary product. But I learned I was totally WRONG. So today, I’m going to talk about the difference and similarities of Yogurt and Milk, also how they are made in the beginning. Wikipedia says that Yogurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. So here’s a fact, Milk is yogurts mother! Yogurt is made using a culture called Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus bacteria. These basically are types of bacterias used in making Yogurt. The milk used for the yogurt is heated to 180°F, they do this to kill any undesirable bacteria and to change the milk proteins so there is bond together. Then it is cooled into a really high temperature. Where milk, is just from the breast of Cows… So simple..right? Personally I love YOGURT because it’s really sweet and delicious!!!!

Other food made from and with MILK:

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Usually, my favor for American Dramas are quite low because I don’t feel any taste in them. The only American drama I watched was Gossip Girl, where there is so much drama going around. However, nowadays I found a new Drama to watch which is Grey’s Anatomy. This is a simple summary for people who don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama. It shows people the true lives of interns, residents, the patients in the fictional hospital, Seattle Grace- Mercy West Hospital. Since 2005, 6 seasons have aired and recently the sixth season has just finished. Grey’s Anatomy is similar to the show House. This drama is quite famous attracting 22.22 million people, winning two Emmy awards, and two Golden Globe awards. My favorite character is “Christina Yang” a intern who is smart, intelligent, and never makes mistakes. However, she is unemotional. She shows no sign of emotion in a patients death and has a huge ego. The main character is Meredeth Grey, an intern, Christina Yang’s best friends, a wife of an neurosurgeon, and lastly a daughter of a famous surgeon. The reason that I like this drama is because I learn so much medical information and it’s really interesting. Sometimes it is gross because, for one episode a pencil was stuck in a students eye. Totally gross. Anyways, watch Grey’s Anatomy!!

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Recently, I have been watching a Korean Drama that started only two weeks ago. The basic synopsis of the drama is that it’s a modern-day adaptation of Cinderella with a twist as our Cinderella, Goo Hyo Sun, is loved by everyone whereas her stepsister, Eun Jo, has a dark past and struggles with the fact that her mother starts to care more for Hyo Sun than her. The lesson that this drama is trying to teach is that in the earth good people can become bad, and bad people can become good. There are 4 main characters in this Drama; Moon Guen Young, Chun Jung Myung, Seo Wu, and Taekyun from 2PM. From the start Cinderella’s Sister had a good start because of the cast. One of the cast that is really famous is Moon Guen Young, who is known as the Nation’s little sister. Until now the drama has only shared the introduction, from this week the real body information is going to be shared.

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I’ve been doing my blog for only about 3 months but I’ve already got 101 hits! When I noticed that people from America were looking at my blog it was interesting and made me want to write more in my blog. HOWEVER, even though I have 101 hits I have only 2 comments…This is disappointed and heart-breaking. I hope people would write comments on my blog when they read my post…Please? TEHE

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