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On Tuesday August 9th, KIS held try-outs for 2011-2012 Varsity and Junior Varsity Volleyball teams in the Phoenix Gym. A total of thirty five students tried out to be on the team. Fifteen of them were students coming back, and twenty new comers.

In the beginning of try-outs Coach Day expressed his excitement for the volleyball try-outs.

“I’m really thrilled to see you girls try-out, we are not going to judge anyone so I hope you guys play volleyball while having fun.”

Students also expressed their enthusiasm and nervousness for the try-outs.

“It was really good to be back on the team” said Junior Hyuen Jin Jin, “I will look forward to the new season. No matter what team I get in, I will enjoy playing volleyball.”

Hyuen Jin, who was on the Junior Varsity team expressed how thrilled she to be back on the team. Next, a freshmen expressed her nervousness to be playing with the other grade.

“Tryouts were really fun, I learned a lot of new stuff from the Juniors and Seniors” said freshmen Tisha Kwon. “In middle school it was just playing games, but now we have positions and are able to try new skills which is interesting.”

The try-outs lasted for four days. Coach Day, Coach Suk, and Coach Wolfe tried their best to see the athletic talents from all these students. They also helped the student try out new positions and skills.

Each and every year, the number of students trying out for volleyball and other sports increases. The expansion of these students make it more difficult for the coaches to cut down the Varsity and Junior Varsity to only twelve students. So, the number of students in the team expand every year.

On the last day of Try-outs, the coaches gave the team two important expectations. First, to always have fun and have a positive attitude while playing volleyball. Second, to never miss practice. All the girls are expecting to have a great season.


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I take economics class in school, and during our economics class we had to make a documentary video based on a question we made up. Each group was a form of two people, and the video had to be 8 minutes to 12 minutes long. This is the video we made:

Research Question: How has illegally downloaded movies affected the profit of Korea’s movie industry in recent years?


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Final English Post

Wow, my final English post for my Sophomore year. Time passes by so fast, I didn’t notice it was my last blog post. Entering Sophomore year I was worried, liked always for English class because I am weak in English. WRITING & DISCUSSION, these two were my two weakest factors in English. Reflecting myself right now I think I improved a lot, my crappy essays become a sweet delicious cupcake and my discussion skills are improving day by day. Seriously, I need to thank Ms. Patterson for transforming me into an actual student who can write and it’s pretty good. All this time English class was my most boring class with boring reading and boring comprehension. However, Ms. Patterson’s class changed my view for English. Nowadays, I want English class, I’m expecting an interesting discussion, and lastly I enjoy making new thesis sentences for interesting essays. Even though I am weak in quizzes I still love English Class!!

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Make connections between society and BNW (book + film). What’s eerily correct? Where is Huxley way off track? What do you think about this book/film thus far?

Okay so today was a snow make up day. Our school sort-of closed down due to the snow that was pouring down. Luckily, I went to the Chinese Incheon Trip so I didn’t have ANY classes! But during English class my friends watched Brave New World by Aldous Huxley so they had to write a blog post about it which is the question above. Since I couldn’t watch the film I decided to share my perspective of the society of Brave New World and also how our society is different from the Brave New World society, cool right?

So basically my idea of the Brave New World society is no humanity, no freedom, and gross. I was shocked by how the people destroyed the human lives and nothing was normal. Making babies? seriously? I don’t think so. The society is just so made up, its like a fake society made up of Satan or something. But, in reality, with the technology that is improving nowadays I think I can forecast our society changing like the Brave New World society. But still I think the society Aldous Huxley is total nonsense.

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When I was young, I thought that Milk and Yogurt were the same thing because they were both from a Cow and also they are both diary product. But I learned I was totally WRONG. So today, I’m going to talk about the difference and similarities of Yogurt and Milk, also how they are made in the beginning. Wikipedia says that Yogurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. So here’s a fact, Milk is yogurts mother! Yogurt is made using a culture called Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus bacteria. These basically are types of bacterias used in making Yogurt. The milk used for the yogurt is heated to 180°F, they do this to kill any undesirable bacteria and to change the milk proteins so there is bond together. Then it is cooled into a really high temperature. Where milk, is just from the breast of Cows… So simple..right? Personally I love YOGURT because it’s really sweet and delicious!!!!

Other food made from and with MILK:

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What do I like about learning? Well, unlike many people I really enjoy learning because of new experiences. I always love doing new things and taking risks at what I do, so I am not afraid when learning something new or doing something new. My best experience in learning something new was, unbelievably, rock climbing. I struggled in the beginning because I was scared of heights but in the end I really started to enjoy it and kept on wanting to do it. Another Reason I LIKE learning is because I can always try NEW & FASCINATING stuff. I really hate doing the same things over and over again because it is really lame, plus I really want my life to always have new experiences. Even though I fail, I have a chance to regain myself and keep on trying to improve on what I failed to do. I best feeling of learning something new is when you can’t do it in the beginning but you become an expert on it in the end.

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My greatest weakness is doing discussions, debates, and presentations. Literally, speaking in front of a huge crowd or even small amounts of people frightens me. However, I improved from middle school. In middle school I couldn’t say a word in discussions, and would cry after presentations. Because of my fright I hated drama class. Of course there are times where I do well in discussions but I wish I do well more often. There is only one way to work on this problem, is to practice and keep on practicing. I practiced in front of my parents, my friends, and even my little sister. This helps a lot because it gives me more confidence to stand my self in front of other people. Another way is to cry before presentations because this helps me calm myself better, and control my emotion better. But this doesn’t work all the time, therefore it is quite a difficult way.

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