Make connections between society and BNW (book + film). What’s eerily correct? Where is Huxley way off track? What do you think about this book/film thus far?

Okay so today was a snow make up day. Our school sort-of closed down due to the snow that was pouring down. Luckily, I went to the Chinese Incheon Trip so I didn’t have ANY classes! But during English class my friends watched Brave New World by Aldous Huxley so they had to write a blog post about it which is the question above. Since I couldn’t watch the film I decided to share my perspective of the society of Brave New World and also how our society is different from the Brave New World society, cool right?

So basically my idea of the Brave New World society is no humanity, no freedom, and gross. I was shocked by how the people destroyed the human lives and nothing was normal. Making babies? seriously? I don’t think so. The society is just so made up, its like a fake society made up of Satan or something. But, in reality, with the technology that is improving nowadays I think I can forecast our society changing like the Brave New World society. But still I think the society Aldous Huxley is total nonsense.



Recently, I was surfing through the internet and found a page with different types and styles of Jeans. I was extremely shocked, the first word that came our of my mouth was WOW, seriously. So I will show all the different jeans.

First, Smoky Skinny Jeans. These match with bright color t-shirts and are mostly worn for casual clothes.

Second, Grey Skinny Jeans. These are good for half formal and casual clothes.

Third, Black Washing Jeans. These are really unique jeans with white washing entered.Good with mostly anything and heels!

Fourth, Stone Washed Jeans. Popping jeans matching with sneakers and heals.

Fifth, Vintage Pebble Blue Jeans. These are just nothing to say, seriously everyone wears them.

Lastly, one of my favorite jeans, Water Flower funky Jeans. These are really unique and it would just attract everyone’s attention.

Hey! these photos and actual jeans are from CANDYPOP from a internet shopping mall named 11 street.

When I was young, I thought that Milk and Yogurt were the same thing because they were both from a Cow and also they are both diary product. But I learned I was totally WRONG. So today, I’m going to talk about the difference and similarities of Yogurt and Milk, also how they are made in the beginning. Wikipedia says that Yogurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. So here’s a fact, Milk is yogurts mother! Yogurt is made using a culture called Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus bacteria. These basically are types of bacterias used in making Yogurt. The milk used for the yogurt is heated to 180°F, they do this to kill any undesirable bacteria and to change the milk proteins so there is bond together. Then it is cooled into a really high temperature. Where milk, is just from the breast of Cows… So simple..right? Personally I love YOGURT because it’s really sweet and delicious!!!!

Other food made from and with MILK:

Usually, my favor for American Dramas are quite low because I don’t feel any taste in them. The only American drama I watched was Gossip Girl, where there is so much drama going around. However, nowadays I found a new Drama to watch which is Grey’s Anatomy. This is a simple summary for people who don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama. It shows people the true lives of interns, residents, the patients in the fictional hospital, Seattle Grace- Mercy West Hospital. Since 2005, 6 seasons have aired and recently the sixth season has just finished. Grey’s Anatomy is similar to the show House. This drama is quite famous attracting 22.22 million people, winning two Emmy awards, and two Golden Globe awards. My favorite character is “Christina Yang” a intern who is smart, intelligent, and never makes mistakes. However, she is unemotional. She shows no sign of emotion in a patients death and has a huge ego. The main character is Meredeth Grey, an intern, Christina Yang’s best friends, a wife of an neurosurgeon, and lastly a daughter of a famous surgeon. The reason that I like this drama is because I learn so much medical information and it’s really interesting. Sometimes it is gross because, for one episode a pencil was stuck in a students eye. Totally gross. Anyways, watch Grey’s Anatomy!!

What do I like about learning? Well, unlike many people I really enjoy learning because of new experiences. I always love doing new things and taking risks at what I do, so I am not afraid when learning something new or doing something new. My best experience in learning something new was, unbelievably, rock climbing. I struggled in the beginning because I was scared of heights but in the end I really started to enjoy it and kept on wanting to do it. Another Reason I LIKE learning is because I can always try NEW & FASCINATING stuff. I really hate doing the same things over and over again because it is really lame, plus I really want my life to always have new experiences. Even though I fail, I have a chance to regain myself and keep on trying to improve on what I failed to do. I best feeling of learning something new is when you can’t do it in the beginning but you become an expert on it in the end.

My greatest weakness is doing discussions, debates, and presentations. Literally, speaking in front of a huge crowd or even small amounts of people frightens me. However, I improved from middle school. In middle school I couldn’t say a word in discussions, and would cry after presentations. Because of my fright I hated drama class. Of course there are times where I do well in discussions but I wish I do well more often. There is only one way to work on this problem, is to practice and keep on practicing. I practiced in front of my parents, my friends, and even my little sister. This helps a lot because it gives me more confidence to stand my self in front of other people. Another way is to cry before presentations because this helps me calm myself better, and control my emotion better. But this doesn’t work all the time, therefore it is quite a difficult way.

Today, in my English Class we watched two versions of the movie Dracula. So I’m going to compare those two Films. The first film we watched was the old version. What I noticed about the old version was that Count Dracula had a very strong accent, and his characteristics are very similar from what the book has written. However, the movie is not 100% based on the book because in the beginning of the book Jonathan Harker is the one who visits the Count, not Renfield. Plus the old version of Dracula has no reality, the making of the film was pretty good but some parts have no reality.

However, the newer version(1992), which is the short film above this writing has more reality. Count Dracula is extremely different he is very old in the beginning of the movie. Also the movie is almost 100% based on the book. Plus there are certain items such as the crucifix that show reality. Lastly, the movie is more descriptive. I prefer the newer one because of how the story has more reality and the movie techniques are more new.